【Webmaster’s Talk】Actually, I think about such a thing.


Kept you waiting, huh? I’m Ataboh.


Time is passing so quickly, May has come…

I’m glad there is no pollen because I’ve got serious hey fever. But I don’t like rainy days so much.

I’ve already added a lot of articles in Japanese, but this is the first translated one.


Well, today, I’m going to talk about what I’ve been thinking lately. 


I admire Mr. kentworld

There has been my favorite video game blogger in Japan.

His name is Mr. kentworld and he is the webmaser of M G M+etc…~ゲームレビュー by kentworld~MGM.

I’ve been reeding his blog since I was secondly school student. I was fascinated by him.

He gives us a plenty of information of video games, and first of all, I felt how he loved console games. That is what I desired.

I became a big fan of him easily.


Approximately a year ago, I faced the saddest tragic moment in my life , I needed to start something new.

Then I opened this blog.

So at the beginning, this blog looked quite similar to his one haha.


What I want to do

But after few months I started to run this blog, I felt something was wrong.

It is meaningless to do the same thing as Mr. kentworld.


He and I are alike I think, for example, we like to play many different types of game, we love console games from bottom of our heart. (In fact, he admitted about it at once on his blog.)

Of course he is much better than me on number of views, subscribers, skills and techniques, almost everything.

First of all, my honest feeling that I couldn’t fine any interests on it.


What I want to do.

When I asked myself, and then, I realised that…


Writing my opinions honestly

Actually I’m a kind of game creator. And I got a new big dream.

The dream is “To help depressed people with video game with psychology”

In fact, there are few depressed people in my family. And also I became like that. (I’m fine now.)


Half a year ago, I found the book of psychology in the library near my house by accident.

Then, I was shocked so strongly, and I came up with the idea that to combine video game which is the favorite interactive device and psychology to make new thing. Also I felt that I needed to study psychology hard.


In New Zealand, the government invested to the university for making roll playing game to help depressed people. It’s called “SPARX”, you can purchase at App store and Google play store as well. 

Kind of this research is not common in Japan so much. Nevertheless there is a number of patient. I want to change this situation.



So, I’ll use this blog to achieve my dream.

It sounds interesting that reviewing games with psychological opinion.


In fact, I haven’t got much money to buy new games now…

But I’ll try to do my best!



Oh, this is my avatar. I hope you like me haha.